The Bryant School System was founded by G. Edwin Bryant, Sr. in 2002, in response to the great need for quality education for the children of Liberia. Now some 15 years later there are 4 schools dedicated to serving more than 600 children, enriching their lives through the educational curriculum of science, mathematics, literature, music, cosmetology, home economics, and many other topics.

The Bryant School System • Liberia, Africa


Bright Stone Academy
Est. 2002


G. Edwin Bryant Academy
Est. 2004

Prince of Wales
Est. 2007


G. Edwin Bryant
Children’s Village
Est. 2014


Our current needs include equipping our 4 Music Labs with 10 Keyboards each, multiple sets of hand drums, and 2 each of electric and acoustic guitars and basses. The children will be learning piano and voice, and will present a public gospel concert each year. Their first concert was performed in February 2017–the first ever of its kind in the history of Liberia.

Would you please come alongside to enrich these childrens’ lives by donating funds for instruments?

All funds are handled in the highest standards of stewardship by Administrator G. Edwin Bryant, Sr. and his contact in the US, Eric Bryant, with full accountability upon request. 100% goes directly to equipping the Music Labs. Instruments cost $125US each. Please consider adding $20US per instrument to cover fees from Fundly and bank transfers.

Thank You!

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