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Liberia's Bright Future.

The Bryant School System is a top-flight, ever-expanding educational institution with 9 locations serving over 1,800 K-12 students. Our curriculum includes Arts and Crafts, Bible, Biology, Chemistry, Civics, Computer, English, Geography, History, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Phonics, Physics, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Spelling, and Writing. It was founded in 2002 by G. Edwin Bryant, Sr, who has worked tirelessly to help the children of Liberia obtain a good education. We are focused on re-opening a school in Grand Bassa, one of Liberia’s poorest regions, as well as building and supplying a fully-equipped medical clinic, which will be available to both students and their parents.

Our Schools

G. Edwin Bryant Academy

Bardnersville Junction

Phone: 231770420760
Principal: Louisa G. Toomey
2nd to 12th Grade
568 Students ages 7 to 18

Wonders Academy

Kpelleh Town, Johnsonville

Phone: 231770155631
Principal: Morris Malike
Pre-Nursery to 9th Grade
250 Students ages 3 to 14

Bryant Children's College

Old Field Johnsonville

Phone: 231770155631
Principal: R. Alvin Q. George
Pre-Nursery to 8th Grade
265 Students ages 3 to 13

Smart Kids Academy

Soukoko, Bong County

Phone: 231886991386
Principal: Peter Flomo
Pre-Nursery to 6th Grade
130 Students ages 3 to 11

G. Edwin Bryant Kindergarten

Somalia Drive, Gardnersville

Phone: 231886554140
Principal: G. Edwin Bryant, Jr.
Pre-Nursery to 1st Grade
285 Students ages 3 to 6

Prince of Wales Academy

Gbargbo Town, ELWA Road

Pre-Nursery to 9th Grade
225 Students ages 3 to 14

Prince Bryant Resource Center

Baptist Seminary Community

Phone: 231886652804
Principal: Prince J. Bryant
Pre-Nursery to 6th Grade
125 Students ages 3 to 11

Eric & Tina Children's Village

Boye Town, Grand Bassa County

Phone: None
Principal: Robert A. Lemuel
Nursery to 6th Grade
150 Students ages 4 to 17

Bryant School System Liberia Africa Cover

Bright Stone Academy

24th Street Sinkor, Gbangaye Town Community

This location is closed for building renovations.


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