About the G. Edwin Bryant School System

G. Edwin Bryant, Sr.
Founder G. Edwin Bryant, Sr.

My vision for the G. Edwin Bryant School System began in the year 2002 with a study class. My son was the only student that started that study class. The study class lasted for 6 weeks and ended with 82 students. That same year I opened the school’s doors to the public.

In 2004 I extended a new program in the Gardnerville Belt starting with 25 students. In 2007 I established the Prince of Wales school. With a burning desire and a passion for education, I established Wonders Academy in 2014, and in 2016 I opened the Children’s Village boarding school in Grand Bassa County, where I could help orphans and needy children. In 2017 I established Smart Kids Academy located in Soukoko Bong County. In 2019 I established the G. Edwin Bryant Kindergarten school, and the Bryant Children’s College.  In 2021 my brother Prince J. Bryant and I saw the need to establish his school called, Prince of Wales Resource Center, under the G. Edwin Bryant School System.

Today, we are operating 8 active schools serving over 1,800 students from K to 12th grades. Our curriculum includes Arts and Crafts, Bible, Biology, Chemistry, Civics, Computer, English, Geography, History, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Phonics, Physics, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Spelling, and Writing.

Our Vision

The G. Edwin Bryant School System will provide standard education to youth in and out of Liberia.

Our Mission

The mission of the G. Edwin Bryant School System is to at all times provide standard education by using qualified teachers, required instructional materials, and a conducive learning environment, providing conditions for students in our school system to ensure they are internationally competitive and prepared for tertiary education and nation building.

Our Core Values

  • The Bryant School System ascribes to the following Core Values:
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Merit System
  • Discipline
  • Change